Asset Finance and Asset Re-Finance

This page of our website is an explanation of what asset finance and asset re-finance is together with some details on our ways to raise a business loan for your company for the purchase of assets together with loans against the assets your company holds.

Finance from Assets

Asset Finance is where a Company loan is provided to your business for the purchase of assets such as motor vehicles, plant and machinery, furniture and office equipment. This is usually repayable monthly.

These assets usually remain the ownership of the finance company who has provided the loan, until the loan has been fully repaid, then ownership (title) will pass to you.

Bridge Newland Limited work with a number of Midlands based finance partners which enables you to obtain the most competitive rates and expert advice when sourcing asset finance loans.  For an asset finance quote, call our offices in Rugby, Warwickshire on 01788 544 544.

Re-Finance from Assets

Asset Re-finance is where a loan is provided to your Company based on the equity in an asset that the Company already owns.  This is most commonly used to repay an existing financier (e.g. consolidating your debts) or to raise some extra funds for cash flow to pay general day-to-day trading costs such as staff salaries.  This is also usually repayable monthly.

Bridge Newland Limited also have close partnerships with a number of asset re-financiers based in the Midlands.  Therefore, call us at our Midlands office in Rugby, Warwickshire free on 0800 612 6197 for a quotation.

Will I Qualify for Asset Finance and Asset-Refinance?

Generally you will always qualify for asset finance and asset re-finance if the provider of the finance can secure their loan to your Company.  This is usually in the form of a charge over the asset they are providing or on assets you already hold.  Alternatively you can provide a personal guarantee to secure the asset finance and asset re-finance although if you have no personal assets then there are still a few options available such as Funding Circle.  For more details contact us.