Close Down Liquidation – A Cheap Closure Solution

If your Company is insolvent and needs to be closed and placed into Liquidation but you have no assets or debtors then we can understand the reluctance to personally fund a Liquidation just to close your business. Therefore, we are pleased to confirm that we offer a cheap, close down liquidation solution, which could see your Liquidation being sorted for as little as £3,000 plus VAT (the cheapest cost on the market from a reputable IP).

What Cheap Liquidation Cases do we Typically See?

The majority of cheap Liquidation cases we deal with here tend to be companies which have very few creditors but do owe a large amount in unpaid taxes to H M Revenue & Customs.  This is because, whilst every effort is usually made by directors not to prefer their trading creditors over HMRC, the reality is that trading creditors often push harder for payment initially or put accounts on stop if bills remain unpaid, crippling trading altogether.  Directors are entitled to pay any creditor in the ordinary course of business therefore, fear not if this sounds like you as, not only can these debts be dealt with within the liquidation itself, but this office can also provide advice to directors on the implications of their previous actions if this process is used (if any).

If you are quoted a cheaper Liquidation price elsewhere then it is likely that the Liquidator will rely upon recovering additional fees from you personally for legal actions against you for your actions whilst a director. Therefore, choosing the absolute cheapest provider doesn’t always mean it costs you the least!

Why are Bridge Newland the cheapest for business closures?

Bridge Newland are able to offer these great charge rates because of the following:-

1. We have no inner city offices with high rentals

2. We have few staff (but that are highly qualified) meaning that there are less salary costs and more efficiency

3. We intentionally keep our costs lower than our competitors as a result of our ethos to help as many clients as possible.

Bridge Newland offer a range of Liquidation packages therefore for further details contact us.

We can work with clients who are based anywhere in the UK and therefore do not hesitate to call us.

For more details on our cheap close down Liquidation service, or to arrange a free initial consultation, please contact our free phone number on 0800 612 6197, or visit our offices.