CVA Propose – A Cost Effective way to Offer a CVA

Arrange a CVA with CVA Propose, which is a bespoke package offered by Bridge Newland to to propose a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

For those of you unfamiliar with a CVA, please go our main page for this which is linked to above.

A Cheap CVA Proposal Service

The service offered by Bridge Newland is specifically for the initial stages of proposing a CVA to your creditors.  We have packaged it as a one off fixed fee cost so that directors are totally clear in the cost to them to attempt to seek approval for a CVA rather than suffer any hidden costs depending on the success or failure of the proposal.

We offer CVA Propose for as little as £3,000 plus VAT and therefore are one of the cheapest around.

What Does Proposing a CVA offer me?

Company Voluntary Arrangements formally offer continuity, control and time to insolvent Companies to repay their debts rather than close down their business and start again.

This service is usually taken up by our clients when their Company has significant debts but that are of a level which the director considers to be manageable to repay if time is given and therefore by proposing a CVA they can find out if their creditor will agree to wait for their monies or whether they should instead Liquidate their Company.

For more information n CVA Propose call free on 0800 612 6197 or click the button below.  All initial advice is free.