Business Recovery

Here at Bridge Newland Business Recovery & Insolvency we are professional Company Rescue Specialists offering Business Recovery Advice to businesses that are insolvent or who are struggling with debts throughout the UK but have a chance to recover.

We understand that on most occasions the primary wish of Company owners when faced with debt is to “save my Company” therefore a concerted effort is made to ensure this is achieved.

As the most successful way to achieve business recovery or Company rescue is making the business profitable, together with our business partners, we offer specialist advice on a whole range of possible improvements to companies whether this is cost savings, alternative sources of finance, business coaching, payment negotiations or ways to increase sales.


Business Recovery Advice

However, it is important to note that a business and a Company are two separate things. A business can be described as the work that is done within a Company and the Goodwill contained within it, however, a Company is defined as the legal entity by which the business trades from. Unfortunately it is not always possible to rescue a Company in debt (often due to a delay in getting advice) therefore, we also often seek to restructure businesses through formal insolvency processes (such as a Liquidation or Administration) in order to rescue the best elements of the business and remove the worst.

What is Insolvency? / Am I Insolvent?

There are two main insolvency tests as to whether a Company is considered insolvent, they are:-

  1. Are the liabilities more than the assets?
  2. Can the Company pay its debts as and when they fall due?

If you believe that your Company is insolvent then you should seek our Company rescue and business recovery advice immediately as your proactive approach could be the key to financial recovery.  Contact our Midlands based office in Rugby, Warwickshire, on 0800 612 6197 for more details or click Administrations for more details on the most common formal insolvency restructuring process.