Phoenix Company Liquidation – A Cheap Restart Solution

If your Company is insolvent and you need cheap advice on how to place it into Liquidation but you wish to restart and buy back the assets through a new Company (a phoenix Company from the ashes) then it is possible providing a fair value is paid and there is no wrongful trading or intent to defraud creditors.  This Liquidation process is often referred to as a Phoenix Company Liquidation.

It should be noted that there are also some restrictions regarding starting again using a similar or same name to the name of the insolvent Company, therefore further advice should be requested from us in this regard.

Phoenix Your Business

Our Restart Liquidation package offers a cheap solution which enables our fees to be drawn completely from the realisations made from the sale of the assets of the Company and therefore not in addition to the amounts paid to buy back the assets.

Our staff are phoenix Liquidation specialists given our vast experience in arranging many start again liquidations and therefore should you feel that this restart solution would help you, call our free phone number on 0800 612 6197 immediately and we will arrange for a no cost quotation and an independent valuation of the Company’s assets.
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