Restart Company Liquidation

There are many reasons why your business could be facing financial pressures or difficulties. If your company is insolvent, you might be considering a pre-pack liquidation. 

What is a pre-pack liquidation?

A pre-pack liquidation is used when a business is facing insolvency. It involves selling a company’s assets at market value, as the company enters formal liquidation proceedings. The new company might be, but is not always, managed by the same directors but can also be third party buyers.

In pre-pack liquidation, once the assets and debts have been sold, the new company can start trading debt-free and the old company is liquidated – this is also known as ‘phoenix company liquidation’. It is very similar to pre-pack administration, where a viable buyer is found prior to entering the insolvency process but is done outside of court proceedings.

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Is a pre-pack liquidation a legal process?

Yes, this is a completely legal arrangement. However, when starting a new company, there are some important restrictions that must be considered:

  • The purchaser must pay a fair value for the assets from the insolvent company
  • The creditors must be notified of the closure and liquidation of the insolvent business
  • The name of that company should be carefully considered, so you are not being seen to mislead members of the public or creditors.

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What are the benefits of a pre-pack liquidation?

The key aspect of a pre-pack liquidation is that the sale of assets often occurs before the formal liquidation process begins. This allows for a swift transition, minimising interruption to the business and increasing the chances of preserving any jobs and ongoing operations.

The main benefits of pre-pack liquidation are:

  • It can provide a better return for creditors
  • It’s debt-free
  • Employees can be retained by the new company (while jobs at the old business will have been made redundant it is possible that some or all of the staff will be offered employment at the new company)
  • It allows the new company to start afresh with a clean credit history.

Are you exploring the idea of restarting your company via a pre-pack liquidation?

Is your business facing financial challenges? Are you thinking about restarting your company via a pre-pack liquidation? 

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