Winding up Petition Adjournment Specialists

When faced with a winding up petition, businesses might find themselves in a critical and time-sensitive situation. Getting in touch with the experts at Bridge Newland can make a significant difference in helping you to navigate any legal complexities, ensuring you have the adequate time required to address any underlying issues and potentially saving your business from liquidation.

What is a winding up petition?

A winding up petition is a legal action issued by a creditor against a company to seek the liquidation of its assets due to any unpaid debts. If a winding up petition is successful, it can have severe consequences, including the freezing of the Company’s bank account or even the forced closure of your business.

Generally, you have three options:

  • To pay the petition
  • To dismiss the petition
  • To adjourn the petition

What does winding up petition adjournment mean?

Businesses have the option to seek an adjournment of the winding up petition, which will grant them additional time to address the outstanding debts or negotiate alternative resolutions.

Have you been issued with a winding up petition? Get in touch with our adjournment specialists at Bridge Newland.

How can we help you?

Our team of winding up petition adjournment specialists come with professional and extensive experience in insolvency laws and procedures. We will get to know your unique circumstances, to help you create a comprehensive plan and present compelling arguments to the court for an adjournment.

Our main goal is to buy your business valuable time, so you can resolve any underlying financial issues and explore viable solutions or alternative arrangements. 

Professional solutions at affordable prices

At Bridge Newland, we can seek an adjournment of your company’s winding up petition of between 35 to 65 days, for as little as £500 (plus VAT, and the petitioning creditor’s costs, if necessary).

Why contact the experts at Bridge Newland?

  • Experience and expertise

We come equipped with a deep understanding of insolvency legislation, court procedures and undeniable knowledge of winding up petitions. This allows us to effectively navigate the legal landscape and ensures we are acting in the best interests of our clients. Our expertise also allows us to anticipate any potential challenges, confidently address any concerns of the creditors and best of all, increase the chances of a successful adjournment application.

  • We can develop a strong case

To successfully adjourn a winding up petition, you need to have developed a strong case – that is where Bridge Newland comes in. Our specialists work closely with your company, so we can develop a robust case for adjournment. By presenting a compelling case that demonstrates a business’s commitment to addressing its financial obligations, the chances of obtaining adjournment are significantly increased.

  • Navigating court proceedings 

Our winding up petition adjournment specialists are familiar with the intricacies of court proceedings related to winding up petitions. We will guide your business through every step of the process, ensuring it is as stress-free and straightforward as possible. 

Have you been issued with a winding up petition? Get in touch with Bridge Newland today

We offer cheap and affordable solutions to companies facing financial challenges across the UK. If you have been issued with a winding up petition, then you should speak to an Insolvency Practitioner immediately. Whether you are wanting to adjourn the petition or would like further advice on winding up petitions, then contact Bridge Newland for free on: 0800 612 6197