Winding up Petition Adjournment Specialists

If your Company has been served with a Winding up Petition, then you have come to the right place, as we are specialists in adjourning company petition.

Typically, you have to option to pay the petition, dismiss the petition, or adjourn it to buy more time (to either pay it or close down the company) however our Winding Up Petition packaged solution concentrates solely on delaying the winding up petition hearings.

Can you Adjourn my petition to buy me some time?

Bridge Newland Limited can seek an adjournment of your company’s petition of between 35 and 65 days for as little as £350 plus VAT (plus the petitioning creditor’s costs if applicable).

This time can allow you the breathing space to collect in some debts, archive some more sales or simply work out the logistics of placing your company into an insolvency process therefore if you wish to take up this offer to adjourn your petition, or if you need further specialist advice regarding Winding up Petitions call Bridge Newland free on 0800 612 6197.

It is also worth stating that, if you haven’t already, you are probably likely to start receiving a number of calls from supposed Winding Up Petition specialists who claim that you could be in danger of actions against you for wrongful or fraudulent trading if you don’t deal with your petition.  This is because at some point all petitions are usually advertised in the London Gazette, and therefore publicly available.  My word of warning is not to get scared into using one of these companies as they can often be call centre staff with little or no experience and by using them you will end up paying more and can risk losing control over what you want to happen.  Therefore, call us for expert advice.

Wish to dismiss the petition and carry on?

Alternatively, if you wish to dismiss the petition then this can also be arranged but this is dependent upon the creditor being paid or the debt being thrown out.  For more details on this go to our Winding up Petition Page.