Cheap Company Liquidation

If your Company is insolvent and needs to be closed via a Liquidation but you have no assets or debtors then we can understand the reluctance to personally fund a Liquidation just to close your business. Therefore, we are pleased to confirm that we offer a cheap, close down liquidation solution, which could see your Liquidation being sorted for as little as £3,500 plus VAT (being one of the cheapest costs on the market from a reputable, fully licensed IP).

What Companies qualify for this Cheap Liquidation Cost?

The majority of the cheap Liquidation cases we deal with here tend to be companies which have very few creditors, no pension scheme and no employees remaining as these areas are typically the matters which result in greater time being incurred to administer the case.  However, many still have significant liabilities, often to HMRC and the Bank, which is typically because director’s of insolvent companies have been able to agree repayment plans which stretches the repayment of taxes over many months and years, and because bank liabilities are typically loans over longer periods and therefore not yet due in full.  It is important to note that, despite HMRC and the bank suffering disproportionately to other creditors, it is not an offence to close the business and liquidate your company with a position such as this, providing the creditors have been paid in the ordinary course of business.  Therefore, if this sounds like your business and you have a low number of creditors, no employee claims and no company pension scheme, give us a call as you may qualify for this low cost for your Liquidation.

Should we review your position and find that there is perhaps a little more work than our standard close down liquidation price then we will still be able to complete your liquidation at an affordable rate, being one of the best on the market due to our smaller size and out of town premises.

Directors should also note that this office is taking on an ever increasing number of liquidations with only a deposit of £1,000 + VAT to cover the expenses costs, with the balance of our fee then being paid when directors have successfully claimed their entitlements from the National Insurance Fund such as Redundancy and Notice Pay and therefore often very little needs to be paid up front to fund the Liquidation of your Company.

If you are quoted a cheaper Liquidation price elsewhere then this is unlikely to be the total cost you would need to pay as firms who quote less for Company Liquidations often seek further funds from directors to make up their shortfall in fees, by pursuing directors for unnecessary legal claims for supposed wrongdoing which a reputable IP would not. Therefore take care to ensure that you are being advised by a fully licensed IP and that you review their reputation and that they are not simply an outsourcing company providing advice from abroad.

Why a closure liquidation from Bridge Newland is the cheapest business closures?

Bridge Newland are able to offer these great charge rates because of the following:-

1. We have no inner city offices. Our out of town office in Rugby helps to keep costs down whilst also remaining easily accessible.

2. We have fewer (highly qualified) staff meaning that they are more efficient and lower fixed costs.

3. We intentionally keep our costs lower than our competitors as a result of our ethos to help as many clients as possible.


For more details on our cheap close down Liquidation service, or to arrange a free initial consultation, please contact our free phone number on 0800 612 6197, or visit our offices. We offer a range of Liquidation services to clients who are based anywhere in the UK therefore we look forward to speaking with you to see how we can help.