Voluntary Liquidation

If you are looking for a voluntary liquidation, you are in the right place, as Bridge Newland Limited are specialists in providing voluntary liquidations in London and throughout the country.  We have a small-knit, highly qualified team, with many years of experience in assisting clients with voluntarily liquidating their Company.

Liquidating a Company voluntarily (as opposed to the Company being forced into Liquidation by its creditors) has many benefits. For example, directors are seen to have appropriately dealt with their Companies Act obligations as a director, not to strike off a Company which has unpaid creditors.  This, in turn, reduces claims against directors for wrongful trading and/or a failure to act in the best interests of the Company. Other benefits include, more control over the process and the sale of the Company’s assets, with sales and staff redundancies often being done quicker in the voluntary liquidation process.

Our staff have assisted with liquidation services for all types of businesses and by far the biggest benefit we see currently, to placing a company into liquidation voluntarily, is that the Liquidator will work better with the director/shareholders to reach commercial settlements of any monies due back to the business from them (such as overdrawn directors loan accounts, illegal dividends and preferences).  We believe we offer the best outcome for directors and shareholders who have taken out monies above the level of its profits or ahead of the payment of its creditors, as our rates are lower (allowing for better returns to creditors) and due to more settlements being reached without lengthy negotiations or costly solicitors, greater numbers of reduced settlements are accepted.

Therefore, if you are considering a Liquidating your Company, our offices in London and Rugby, allow us to service the whole country and we are ready to take your call. Call us on 0800 612 6197.