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Business Recovery and Insolvency Practitioners

Bridge Newland Limited are insolvency practitioners in London and nationwide, and our experienced staff are available for you, for a no charge initial consultation. We can discuss the various options available to you and provide you with free advice to help you deal with your company debt issues.

If you are looking for insolvency practitioners, our licenced insolvency practitioner is just a phone call away. Our offices are located in central London (EC2Y) and Rugby (CV21) but we can travel to meet you, wherever you are based. Please call for an initial assessment, then a no-obligation meeting can then be booked, if required.

Bridge Newland Business Recovery and Insolvency are Insolvency Practitioners, who specialise in business recovery, solvent restructuring, formal insolvency processes (such as Bankruptcy, CVA, Insolvent Liquidation, Administration, Pre-Packs & IVA) together with debt advice and finance. We have experienced insolvency staff that are highly qualified and given our family set up, we can also offer a personal approach which some competitors do not offer. It is our aim to provide the cheapest solution to all our clients, tailored to help them resolve the financial problems they face, in this difficult time of recession and economic depression. Together with our extensive network of specialist advisers and business partners, we strive to find a way forward for our clients from the issues which are troubling the vast majority of businesses and individuals alike; with no problem being too big or small.

Debt Advice & Company Turnaround

Our first and most important piece of advice to our clients is to take time to spot early warning signs. Seeking our debt advice sooner can mean the difference between turning around your failing business (retaining control of it, in the process) or financial ruin. Often clients will deal with their debt issues when it is too late. This results in the options available for them being severely reduced. However, had notice of the early warning signs been acted upon earlier, many problems can be prevented and often money would be saved.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our personal & discreet style due to our own experience of debt.
  • Fully qualified & specialist staff.
  • Regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.
  • Commercial and realistic approach to sales.
  • Our low fees due to our smaller family setup.
  • Members of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

Meet Our Professional & Friendly Insolvency Team


Insolvency Practitioner / Director

A licensed insolvency practitioner who specialises in pre-packs, company liquidations & general turnaround

Kym Carvell

Insolvency Case Manager

With over 30 years experience in insolvency, Kym is responsible for all day-to-day case management, together with assisting with compliance and training.

Becky Robson

Trainee Insolvency Manager

A trainee insolvency manager, responsible for case and office administration together with secretarial duties.


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