Insolvency Practitioners in London

Do you need a Liquidation specialist? Are you based in London and need specialist advice from an Insolvency Practitioner? – Bridge Newland Limited are Insolvency Practitioners who are experienced in Company Liquidation, Administration, Pre-packs & CVAs, as well as informal insolvency services such as solvent restructuring and debt advice all based in London.

We are experienced insolvency practitioners and we appreciate that clients often want to deal with an Insolvency Practitioner who is not on their doorstep but is easily in reach. Therefore, our head offices in the Midlands (being only 45 minutes by train from London Euston) enables us to provide our services to all of North, South, East and West London with ease. However, we also have meeting facilities at 45 Moorfields, Moorgate, London EC2Y 9AE.

Given that our day to day manned offices are out of the city, we are able to benefit from cheaper fixed costs, meaning that our costs are considerably cheaper than other London-based insolvency practitioners.

We cover all areas of London and given our family set up, we offer a personal approach which some competitors cannot.  It is our aim to provide the cheapest solution to clients facing company insolvency, being tailored to help them resolve the operational and financial problems they face in this difficult time of recession and financial uncertainty.

The majority of our work is done for London-based businesses and therefore our vast experience in the area has resulted in us being specialists in dealing with councils who seek to distrain on assets in lieu of unpaid business rates.

You will find in the article section of our website, various reports of which industries have been hit the hardest by the current climate but from our experience as Liquidation specialists, Retail, Pubs, Logistics, Recruitment, Textiles and Printing are all the most commonly seeking Liquidation currently so if this applies to you, feel free to get in touch.

Insolvency Advice in London

Are you looking for insolvency advice? Well, together with our extensive network of north, south east and west London-based specialist partners, we can provide any and all the insolvency advice your company needs. We strive to find a way forward from the insolvency issues which are troubling so many companies and individuals alike. No problem is too little or too large. If we don’t know the answer to your debt issues, we will work with our London business partners and point you in the right direction.

Our first and most important piece of advice is to take time to spot early warning signs; seeking our insolvency advice sooner could mean the difference between saving your business (and retaining control) or an Insolvency being forced upon you. Unfortunately, many clients will deal with their insolvency issues when it is too late, resulting in either Winding up Petitions being presented against them losing assets to taking control of goods notices issued by bailiffs (HCEO’s) usually at the hand of HMRC or the council.  When advice is sought late this, of course, means that the options available are dramatically reduced, when in fact had notice of the early warning signs been acted upon earlier money would be saved and many problems could have been prevented.

For a summary of the early warning signs to look out for, go to our articles section of the website.

Liquidation Advice?

We have been receiving ever increasing enquiries from London based directors who have a company in need of an insolvency process but their business on a whole is sound.  In this instance, and when there is an appetite to purchase the business or the assets, then a pre-pack administration or pre-pack liquidation might be suitable for your business. Although Liquidation is generally considered a terminal insolvency event, both insolvency processes allow for parts of an insolvent business to be bought back and for trading to continue in a new or alternate Company whereby the insolvent shell company remains in administration/liquidation and the proceeds of the sale and realisation of any other estate assets is then distributed to creditors after settlement of fees and costs. No liabilities fall upon the Company’s directors or shareholders unless personal guarantees have been signed.  Each process is undertaken in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 and must be administered by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

So why not benefit from advice from our pre pack advisers, as well as our cheaper out-of-city charges, with little disruption to your everyday trading?  If you think this may be suitable for your company then give us a call.

As licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we regularly offer company liquidation advice throughout north, south east & west London due to our free initial advice and much improved fees to that of our London competitors.

If you are based in London, and you are considering a Liquidation for your Company, then call Bridge Newland as we can offer this service at better than London prices.

If you are considering a Pre Pack Administration or liquidation in London then you can save considerable fees and pay less for your assets by using us as your Pre-Pack Specialists. Why not answer that age-old question or “Can I buy back my business for less than its debt?”

If you should wish to find out more about Bridge Newland London, or you believe you or your Company is insolvent and you want free debt advice from fully qualified staff, please contact us for a free initial consultation on 0800 612 6197.

We are regulated by one of the country’s leading regulatory bodies, the Insolvency Practitioners Association.