Banbury Insolvency Practitioners, Liquidation Specialists

Bridge Newland are insolvency practitioners and business recovery advisers who are experienced in providing, solvent close down advice, all formal insolvency processes (like Administrations (including Pre-Pack Administrations), Insolvent Liquidations and CVA’s) to companies in the Banbury and Brackley area. All initial advice is free.

We also offer general advice on all debt related issues and business recovery issues and given our family set up, we offer this with a unique personal approach.

Our knowledgeable staff are specialists in the main industries (retail, manufacturing, public houses, logistics, printing, textiles and recruitment) however we will, and have, dealt with almost all industries.

Our aim is to provide a cheap solution to clients which is quick and which helps them face their issues head on, in this difficult period in the economy.

Together with our extensive network of specialist advisers and partner businesses, we work hard to avoid insolvency and achieve our goal of business recovery for as many Companies wherever possible (as well as turnaround for individuals).

Our first and most important piece of advice to our clients is always take time to spot the early warning signs and then to take action early, as being proactive can be the difference between turnaround or closure or simply the control over the insolvency process required.


Insolvency Advice in Banbury

Our Midlands based office covers businesses in Banbury regularly and our insolvency practitioners are licensed to undertake work for client throughout the whole of the UK.  We will travel to you, at no cost, if you require a face to face meeting.


Pre Pack Administration Advice Banbury & Brackley

Do you feel that your company is in need of some form of insolvency process but have an appetite to buy back its assets or business? In this instance a pre-pack administration may be more suitable therefore if you want to arrange a no obligation consultation with someone at Bridge Newland, or you are simply unsure whether you or your Company is insolvent and want help from a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, then give us a call for free on 0800 612 6197 or fill out our contact us form by clicking the below button.