An Introduction to Bridge Newland…

An Introduction to Bridge Newland…

Some might meet the news of another Insolvency Practitioner opening in the Midlands with cynical thoughts of an intent to close down your client’s ailing businesses however my Company Bridge Newland Limited, a new Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioner Firm on the Warwickshire and Leicestershire border aims to disband these myths and offer our knowledge and expertise to those in need of advice for their clients..

I set up the Company, hoping to bank on my own experiences, prior to my chosen career choice, of helping my mum through the Liquidation of her own business.  I feel that it is this experience which uniquely enables me to relate to directors and business owners in need of financial help and my aim is to better inform people earlier of the options available so more businesses can be saved and formal insolvencies can be avoided wherever possible.

Bridge Newland Limited promotes a three step plan to business recovery, this is shown below:-


Step 1 – Spot the Warning Signs

Take time spot and highlight early warning signs to your clients as seeking advice sooner could mean the difference between saving their business or financial ruin and unpaid fees.  A number of key warning signs have been listed below as a further guide as to whether further advice should be sought…

  • Are they falling into arrears with their taxes?
  • Are they struggling to collect in money due?
  • Have they been refused credit or been given notice of decreasing credit?
  • Are their sales less than foretasted or profit margins decreasing?
  • Are they receiving increasing numbers of threats of legal actions for unpaid bills?
  • Have they received a County Court Judgement (“CCJ”) or Winding up Petition?
  • Have their goods been seized or subject to walking possession arrangements?
  • Have they exceeded their overdraft limit?
  • Have they failed to file their accounts or annual returns on time?

Whilst some of the following questions may be applicable to every business due to the current economy, be realistic, do more apply than you thought?  If so, seek our advice as there are many informal and formal solutions currently available.


Step 2 – Find a Solution

Whether it be finance, restructuring, formal insolvencies, debt recovery, debt management or general debt advice Bridge Newland Limited can offer advice and support to all.  As initial consultations are free, there is nothing to lose by arranging a meeting to talk through their position if in need of help.  For full details please review the rest of this website.


Step 3 – Act on the Advice

It is too often the case that advice is sought but not acted on until it is too late which dramatically reduces the options available.  This is because all businesses are personal to their owners and our natural instincts are to save them at all costs, sometimes at their further expense.  With help and support from us more businesses will be saved therefore don’t delay, give us a call for free on 0800 612 6197.

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