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Business Recovery NOT Closure

Business Recovery – Not Closure

As a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, I believe that many people assume that the job of an Insolvency Practitioner is simply to close down insolvent companies that are facing company debt, through a Liquidation or Administration process, however our aims are to achieve business recovery and not the closure of your business.

For those of you who are not familiar with my background, I chose to train in Insolvency and accounts due to my own experiences of helping my mum through the Liquidation of her business some 10 years ago.  Therefore as a result of these experiences I feel that I uniquely understand what company directors’ experience when faced with company debt and therefore my aims often differ to other Insolvency Practitioner’s aims.

Bridge Newland’s 3 Key Aims Are:-

  1. To offer additional informal services (such as assistance with negotiating repayment plans with creditors or obtaining reductions in final settlements with banks) &
  2. To provide more information to company owners and directors so that they are better informed of all of their options &
  3. Then if their business was unable to be recovered, to offer all formal insolvency services at the cheapest cost in the Midlands.

These aims are set in order to ensure that wherever possible, more businesses turnaround can be achieved and formal insolvencies are avoided.

Do These Aims Match Yours?

If you believe that these aims are similar to your own, and you  or a client of yours may need my assistance or support then please feel free to contact me at my Midlands based office in Rugby, Warwickshire on 0800 612 6197 to arrange an initial no obligation meeting.

Alternatively, for more information on each of the services mentioned, click on their link below:-

  • INFORMAL SERVICES (Repayment Plans & Reduced Settlements)

Are You on LinkedIn? / Should We Meet Up?

Given the large number of accountants, bookkeepers and other professionals on our mailing list and the number of private clients who need are help are large, it is impossible to regularly meet up with each of you however I have found that connecting on the business social media site “Linked-In” is a great tool to keep in touch.  Therefore, if we have not already connected, please take a moment to look me up on Linked-In and send me a connection request.

I am also hoping to meet each of you whom I have yet to meet with in person therefore if you are keen to meet for a coffee and an informal chat about how my business can help you and your clients then please feel free to send me an e-mail request.

Article by Ben Robson MIPA FMAAT.

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