Towcester Insolvency Practitioners, Liquidation Specialists

Bridge Newland Limited are licensed Insolvency Practitioners, who are experienced in providing solvent restructuring, formal insolvency processes (such as Administration (inc Pre-pack insolvency), Insolvent Liquidation, & CVA‘s) together offering business recovery and debt advice to clients in the Towcester area.

At our offices close to Towcester, we have experienced staff and Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, who are fully qualified and our family set up allows us to provide a personal approach which our competitors  do not. It is our aim to offer multiple solutions to our clients, at a cheap cost, in order to best help them resolve their issues head on.

Together with our vast network of specialists and business advisers in the Towcester area, we help many clients avoid formal company insolvency processes all together whilst also offering clients the advice they need at no initial cost.

Having traded for many years, certain industries commonly require an insolvency process. Therefore, Bridge Newland have become experts in industries such as textiles, logistics, manufacturing, recruitment, retail, public houses and printing, but all industries can be managed by our experienced team.

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Insolvency Practitioner Towcester

Unfortunately, many clients leave it too long to obtain advice and tend only to deal with their debt issues when it is too late.  This can result in the options available being dramatically reduced, when had the early warning signs been spotted and acted on sooner, money could have been saved and many problems may have been prevented.  With this in mind, our advice is to take the time to spot the early warning signs and to seek professional insolvency advice form Bridge Newland Towcester at the earliest possible time if warning signs are found. This could mean the difference between financial ruin or being able to save your business (retaining control in the process).

If you want to find out more about us, or if you believe your Company may be insolvent and you would like some free debt advice from a local Insolvency Practitioner then please contact our office, serving all of Towcester, on 0800 612 6197 for a free initial consultation.

We travel to you at no cost therefore you’ve got nothing to loose.


Pre Pack Administration, Towcester

Alternatively, should you feel that generally your business is sound and can be bought out of insolvency then why not seek our pre pack administration advice to see if your company is suitable for a pre pack sale.

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