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Business Cost Reduction

Bridge Newland are grateful to have a number of strategic alliances with professional advisors who work alongside us, offering specialist support which complements our services.

This article takes a look into the cost reduction market and introduces one of our partners who assist with this, BCR Associates Business Cost Reductions.


Saving businesses time and money

Are you in a business which could benefit from some back to basics help on costs?

I find that many of the businesses which use our insolvency services have quite often had to go into an insolvency process as a result of a period of increased sales but where costs spiralled out of control and made business make less money rather than more (this is called overtrading).  In these cases, had more been done to work out breakeven levels of various sales levels and efforts been made to source cheaper suppliers then their businesses would have gone from strength to strength and not into debt.

Even the profitable businesses can be victims of owner directors taking on too much and neglecting the basics when things get busy therefore my advice is to review your costs regularly.


How can BCR Associates, help review my costs?

Whilst the main focus of any business is to gain sales which drive profits. BCR’s aim is to reduce a company’s key running costs through their expertise and experience.  Specialists at BCR Associates are able to identify, often large, savings through expenditure audits covering costs from key business services.

Whether you operate from a single office or multiple premises, they can ensure you are receiving value for money to improve your bottom line. They do not charge for a cost review and they are without obligation and no commissions are charged on savings realised.

Nine out of ten of their customers save on average 27% and over 80% of their clients remain with them year after year to ensure that their cost base is managed efficiently.

BCR Associates are one of the UK’s most considered cost reduction companies who identify hidden profit by reviewing your spend on electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, business rates, staff, finance, vehicles, water and green services.

To discuss how we can save your company money, contact Neville Snell 0844 692 1084 or email


…or for more details about cost savings through opting to tax commercial properties, see HERE

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